Date Prepared: November 2022

Driver Distraction and Mobile Phones Policy

The main purpose of this policy is to inform drivers about the hazards involved when a driver is driving while distracted, and how to reduce the likelihood of that distraction.

Distracted drivers are a danger not only to themselves and their passengers but to other road users. Drivers must always remain focused on driving while on the road and should avoid or minimise distractions when they drive, particularly when they are driving to unfamiliar destinations.

Risk of an accident

Drivers using mobile phones are much more likely to be involved in an accident.  Sending and receiving text messages on a mobile phone while driving and text entry into a Global Positioning Systems (GPS) while driving can be extremely dangerous, and may also be illegal.

Some common distractions when driving are drivers:

  • talking or scrolling on their mobile phone
  • reading or sending a text on their mobile phone
  • holding their mobile phone
  • using their mobile phone in any manner without the phone being placed in a cradle.

Mobile phone offences

All drivers must be aware of the laws that apply to them with regard to mobile phone usage at all times, especially when performing commercial passenger services.

In Victoria, the relevant legislation is the Road Safety Road Rules 2017 – Reg 300 Use of mobile phones

The rules are summarised by VicRoads here,

Recommended practices

[email protected] recommends drivers adopt the following practices to help avoid becoming distracted while driving:

  • install a hands free kit.  However, the driver must ensure that they can drive and talk safely without losing concentration.
  • mobile phones must be placed in a cradle fixed to the vehicle.  Drivers should ensure that the cradle is mounted securely and will not obstruct the driver’s view.
  • research has shown that using a hands-free mobile phone can also be a dangerous distraction therefore, it is safer to pull over and park in a safe spot and take a call rather than have the driver divide their attention between driving and talking.
  • a driver should only enter text into devices, for example GPS, mobile phone when they are parked safely.

  • end any call that may result in an extreme reaction (either positive or negative)
  • under no circumstances make or accept a call while conveying passengers unless it can be made hands-free.


[email protected] reserves all its rights to take appropriate action in respect of any driver illegally using their mobile phone while utilising the Driver App including deactivating or restricting the driver’s access to [email protected] Services or the Driver App.

March 2023