Transport Service Provider application assessment process

Your application will be assessed when all the required documentation has been provided. If any documentation is missing, you will be notified as to what further documentation needs to be provided before your application can be assessed. In addition to the information requested in the TSP application form in this booklet (page 4), you will be required to provide the information below in the manner specified. Please note, if you intend to use multiple drivers to drive multiple vehicles, you will need to contact [email protected] via email at [email protected] prior to submitting anyof the information required below. Vehicle documents For each vehicle the applicant proposes to use to provide transportation services, including ‘relief’ vehicles, true and correct copies of the following are required to be uploaded via the [email protected] Driver App (which can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play):
  • Current certificate of registration for each vehicle, and registration as a commercial passenger vehicle (if not a bus);
  • A certificate of roadworthiness for each vehicle; and
  • Current Vehicle Insurances
Vehicle Driver Documents The following documents relating to employees to be employed as [email protected] drivers need to be provided (either via the [email protected] Driver App or where there are multiple drivers to drive multiple vehicles, via email to [email protected]):
  • Name
  • Smartphone mobile number
  • Email address
  • Driver licence scan (both sides)
  • Driver Accreditation scan showing number, expiry date, and (if applicable) W endorsement for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
  • A recent passport-style photo, face only
  • A copy of the Driver Deed Poll (Attachment 1, [email protected] DRT Transport Service Provider Terms and Conditions) which has been explained to and signed by the driver
Prior to any additional Driver commencing to drive for the TSP, the TSP must:
  1. explain the content of the deed poll in Attachment 1 to each Driver;
  2. obtain the Driver’s signature to the deed poll; and
  3. provide a copy of it to [email protected] at 450 Graham Street, Port Melbourne VIC 3207 or via email at [email protected], together with a copy of the above listed documentation.
Approval notification or rejection If your application is approved, you will receive notification that you have been approved and will be provided with two (2) copies of the [email protected] DRT Transport Service Provider Terms and Conditions (Agreement) for execution. You can execute the Agreements and send them to [email protected] at 450 Graham Street, Port Melbourne VIC 3207 or via email at [email protected][email protected] will then execute the Agreements and return one to you for your records. Once you have received the executed Agreement, you can commence providing transportation services subject to having your vehicles and drivers registered via the [email protected] Drivers App. The ‘Commencement Date’ for the Agreement is the date that [email protected] executes the provider terms and conditions. Important Notice Submission of this application is not an authority for the applicant to perform any services. The applicant must not perform any services for [email protected] until, and only if, approved by [email protected] in writing to provide such services and the Agreement has been executed by [email protected]     Transport Service Provider Information and Application for Companies and Partnerships         [email protected] is a software application (app) which enables transport operators to deliver more flexible types of demand responsive transport services in the communities in which they operate, including point to point, and ride share services. In other words, [email protected] enables you to change from being solely a bus or a taxi operator, to a total local transport service provider. As [email protected] is wholly owned by Bus Association Victoria (BAV), it’s run for the members, by the members. [email protected] helps Transport Service Providers (TSP’s) diversify their business and further embed their transport company in their areas of operation. [email protected] charges ‘fair’ fares to the customer. These are based on a combination of published (distance-based) operating expenses and (bus) industry enterprise agreement labour (time-based) rates. What’s more, the fare revenue stays in the community – the benefits are not going back to an offshore parent company. Because [email protected] is not-for-profit, it charges TSPs half the fees of some other established ride-share brands, so TSP’s keep more of the fare. Application to provide [email protected] DRT Transportation Services This application form relates to a registered Australian company or a partnership which wants to become a [email protected] Transport Service Provider (TSP). A TSP and its drivers provide passenger transportation services to users of the [email protected] app. Note: [email protected] is a technology services provider that does not itself provide transportation services, function as a transportation carrier, nor operate as an agent for the transportation of passengers.   Corporate Applicant Details   Registered company name   ACN                                        ABN   Or Partnership Name(s)
  Company address (Street /Suburb / State / Postcode)
Primary contact name:   Telephone (work):                                      Telephone (mobile): Email: Bank Details   Account name:     BSB:                                    Account number:   How does it work? Members register their available vehicles and drivers with [email protected] Then, through the app, they make themselves available for fares whenever they like. The TSP must continue to fully comply with the [email protected] Transport Service Provider Terms and Conditions and Guidelines (   Documentation required to be provided with this application: If the applicant is an accredited bus operator, a copy of the current Certificate of Accreditation.   Corporate / Partnership Documentation The applicant must provide a copy of their ABN / ACN / Partnership registration documentation.   Insurance documents Copies of certificates of currency for:
  • public liability insurance for at least $10 million per occurrence;
  • workers compensation insurance as required by law;
  • third party property damage insurance for at least $10 million per occurrence in respect of the Vehicles; and
  • compulsory third party motor vehicle insurance in respect of the Vehicle used to provide the Transportation Services;
  Nomination of area of operation(s) The applicant must nominate an area(s) in which they intend to provide [email protected] transportation services (if area where the applicant intends to operate is not listed on the [email protected] website, then please contact [email protected] to discuss).      
April 2023