Date Prepared: 29 Sept 2021


TSP On-boarding overview

Step 1 – TSP submits a d@rt application form along with documents specified on page 3 of the application form.

Step 2 – d@rt reviews and seeks further documentation from TSP applicant – Vehicle documents/Vehicle driver documents

Step 3 – TSP provides d@rt with the documentation requested under Step 2.

Step 4 – d@rt advises TSP that information has been assessed and either that d@rt has all the documentation, or it requests any outstanding documentation.  When it has all the required documentation, d@rt provides TSP with access to the d@rt app so that it can complete the on line registration for each vehicle/phone

Step 5 – d@rt reviews and approves each TSP vehicle for use of the d@rt app.

Step 6 – d@rt issues contract to the TSP for execution.


Driver On-boarding overview

Step 1 – Online registration through the d@rt driver app

Step 2 – d@rt reviews and approves driver ready to utilise the d@rt app

Step 3 – d@rt sends induction checklist and links to documentation to driver

Step 4 – Driver has 5 business days to complete the induction form and submit to d@rt. Drivers who fail to provide a completed induction form within 5 business days will be suspended from access the d@rt app until this is completed.

Step 5 – d@rt updates driver details on system to record completed induction

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