d@rt Driver Behaviour, Competency and Medical Fitness Policy

Driver behaviour is continuously monitored by a dual system of a user complaints procedure and a driver ratings system that prompts users to provide a star rating and optional comment at the end of each trip. Drivers must maintain an average rating by Users that meets or exceeds the minimum average acceptable rating established by d@rt for their territory. Competency is initially established in the d@rt Application Form via a request for information relating to driver licences/driver accreditation. TSP and individual driver contract clauses deal with driver licences/driver accreditation (clause 4.1 of the TSP and Individual Driver contracts) and require copies of renewals of same to be provided to d@rt. Another clause (4.4.1 of the TSP and Individual Driver contracts) requires TSPs/drivers to notify d@rt when the driver has had their licence or accreditation suspended, disqualified or cancelled. As d@rt will have information about the drivers and timing of renewals (N.B. licenses are still issued when renewed, but driver accreditation certificates aren’t anymore), d@rt will print an exception report each month which will identify each driver that is recorded on the d@rt system as scheduled for renewal of their licence in the following month, and notify TSP’s and individual drivers, reminding them of their obligations to renew their licence if they wish to continue to drive and provide d@rt with a copy of the renewal as per their contract. d@rt will also perform a bulk check of driver accreditations through the CPVV portal at 6 monthly or quarterly intervals to confirm currency. Medical fitness is established through the processes mandated for CPV drivers by CPVV. CPVV will notify drivers when medical certificates are required and how they are to be provided to CPPV. A TSP or individual driver will comply with any requests by d@rt for information or documents to demonstrate that they are complying with their obligations under this policy. d@rt reserves all its rights under its agreement with a TSP or individual driver to cancel their access to the d@rt Services or terminate the relevant agreements.
July 2024