D@RT is an app that enables customers to purchase demand responsive transport options.  The app is being launched in late 2021 in regional Victoria and will expand state-wide.  Whether you need a taxi, point-to-point services, or a small bus, D@RT has the solution. 

D@RT is a wholly owned subsidiary of a Victorian transport member-based organisation and is run as a social enterprise – for the members, by the members.  D@RT is a way for established bus operators to increase the depth and breadth of transport services they offer to the communities in which they operate. 

D@RT will eventually provide transport services that enables an integrated personal transit network across all modes of transport: including public transport, taxis, ride sourcing, community transport, school transport and health care transport (excluding high care patients). The flexible operational and pricing structure of D@RT presents an opportunity for established accredited transport safety professionals to provide tailored transport services to meet the access needs of the broader community including those who have trouble finding transport options. 

Policies & Procedures

Complaint Handling Policy and Procedure

Emergency Management Policy and Procedure

Individual Driver Services Agreement terms and conditions

Privacy Policy

Shared Ride Policy

Transport Service Provider Guidelines, General Information 

Transport Service Provider Services Agreement terms and conditions

Policy TSPs and TSP Drivers

Driver Discrimination, Vilification, Sexual Harassment, Bullying and Victimisation Policy

Covid Safe Policy – Cleaning-record

Covid Safe Policy

Driver Behaviour, Competency and Medical Fitness Policy and Procedure

Customer Service Policy

Customer Service Policy

Driver Distraction and Mobile Phones Policy

Driver Interaction with Passengers Policy

Driver Safety Commitment Policy

Drug & Alcohol Management Policy and Procedure

Driver Fatigue Management Policy and Procedure

Incident Notification Policy and Procedure

Managing Difficult Passengers Policy

Monitoring and Audit Procedure

Driver Induction Checklist and Declaration

Non-bus Pre Trip Safety Inspection Procedure incl Fatigue Assessment

Risk Register

Safety Management Policy

TSP On-boarding overview

Vehicle Maintenance Policy and Procedure

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