Drug & Alcohol management

d@rt D&A Management Policy for TSPs and Individual Drivers The Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) limit for all commercial passenger vehicle (CPV) drivers (including rideshare, hire car and taxi) is 0.00 while the vehicle is in service. This requirement is set out in section 52(1C) of the Road Safety Act 1986. It states that a person using a vehicle for the purpose of providing CPV services within the meaning of the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 (the Act), is subject to a zero BAC. When applying to d@rt to become a transport service provider (TSP) or individual driver, the applicant will be required to confirm that they have a drug & alcohol management policy. To assist a TSP and individual driver develop such a policy, best practice requires various elements be taken into consideration. For further information from VicRoads please see the following link: https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/business-and-industry/heavy-vehicle-industry/preventing-alcohol-and-drug-related-harm-on-our-roads/alcohol-and-drug-policy. It is important to note that it is not mandatory for such a policy to include an alcohol and drug testing regime. It is up to each TSP or individual driver to determine if they wish to introduce testing in their workplace. If they wish to carry out testing they should specify how and under what circumstances drug testing will be carried out, and what will happen if a positive test occurs. They should also have provisions in place to ensure the driver can travel home safely if a positive test occurs. As a minimum, the driver must not drive in the event of a positive test result, and they or their employer must immediately inform d@rt of any positive drug or alcohol tests. Further information can be found at the following link: https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/business-and-industry/heavy-vehicle-industry/preventing-alcohol-and-drug-related-harm-on-our-roads/drug-testing. d@rt will monitor compliance with drug & alcohol management requirements by issuing a 12 monthly questionnaire seeking confirmation that the TSP or individual driver are continuing to operate in accordance with their drug and alcohol management plan. A TSP or individual driver will comply with any requests by d@rt for information or documents to demonstrate that they are complying with their plan or amended plan. d@rt reserves all its rights under its agreement with a TSP or individual driver to cancel their access to the d@rt Services or terminate the relevant agreements.
June 2024