Emergency management

d@rt Emergency Management Policy for TSPs and Individual Drivers It is important that a transport service provider and individual driver have a plan to deal with emergencies. When applying to d@rt to become a transport service provider (TSP) or individual driver, the applicant will be required to confirm that they have a plan indicating how they will manage emergencies. As a minimum, the plan must list 1. emergency contacts; and 2. the following information available when contacting emergency services: Nature of the emergency; Number and nature of injuries (if applicable); Your location (the more exact the quicker the response); Hazards which may exist for rescue personnel attending; The telephone number you are calling from; Your assessment of the situation. A TSP or individual driver must notify d@rt as soon as practicable of the emergency and what they are doing to address it, and to mitigate any further harm or damage. This does not in any way affect their obligations under d@rt’s Incident Notification Policy. A TSP or individual driver will comply with any requests by d@rt for information or documents to demonstrate that they are complying with their obligations under this policy. d@rt reserves all its rights under its agreement with a TSP or individual driver to cancel their access to the d@rt Services or terminate the relevant agreements.  
February 2024