Driver Fatigue Management

d@rt Fatigue Management Policy for TSPs and Individual Drivers Driver fatigue presents a real and significant risk if left unmanaged. When applying to d@rt to become a transport service provider (TSP) or individual driver, applicants will be required to confirm that they have a plan to manage driver fatigue. To assist a TSP and individual drivers develop such a plan, best practice requires various elements be taken into consideration, most notably certain recommended work and rest options. Please see the following link for general information in respect of fatigue:   data/assets/pdf_file/0006/19365/Fatigue-management-guidelines.pdf. If an applicant has drivers operating buses, whether heavy or light, the plan must reflect as a minimum the requirements of the heavy vehicle national law work and rest times at: d@rt will monitor compliance with fatigue management requirements by issuing a 12 monthly questionnaire seeking confirmation that the TSP or individual driver are continuing to operate in accordance with their fatigue plan. d@rt may also utilise exception reporting from driver data and/or direct enquiry. Where a potential issue is identified, d@rt will contact the driver and/or their TSP (where applicable) to undertake a detailed analysis of their driving against their plan. The TSP or individual driver will comply with any requests by d@rt for information or documents to demonstrate that they are complying with their plan. d@rt reserves all its rights under its agreement with a TSP or individual driver to cancel their access to the d@rt Services or terminate the relevant agreements.
March 2024